Group Spotlight: Romantic Relationships in Recovery

Romantic relationships are complicated, with or without the presence of substance use or abuse. When one or more previously using partners are moving into early recovery, it is an exciting time. It can also be anxiety-producing, with partners wondering if and how they can remain together with such a monumental change. De Paul Treatment Centers has many resources for partners who are at this point in their relationship.

Relationships in Recovery, one of the groups offered, is for partners who are willing to look at how substance use effects their lives. It helps people improve their relationships by working on communication, problem solving, conflict reduction, and ways to deal with relapse. This group is premised on the belief that substance use affects your relationship, change in substance use effects your relationship, and changes in your relationship can have an effect on substance use. If you are interested in enrolling, please contact Betony Jacobs at

February is a month filled with romantic expectations. Here are a few tips for maintaining connection:

  1. Know yourself. It is the gift you offer in sharing yourself with another.
  2. Trust your perceptions; give voice to your reality. Break the rules of silence and compliance.
  3. Surrender the illusion that you have all the answers.
  4. Forgiving is not forgetting, it is remembering and letting go. Extend the courtesy of forgiveness to yourself.
  5. Believe in your right to happiness, dignity, and respect.
(Adapted work from Claudia Black)

-DePaul Family Therapy Team