Youth Day Treatment

De Paul Treatment Centers Day Treatment Program allows clients to participate in a full day of treatment and on-site education while living at home.

Day treatment is an alternative level of care for clients needing the structure of an intensive treatment program in an outpatient setting. Clients work closely with addiction counselors and school teachers for 20+ hours a week. The typical duration of the day treatment program is two to four weeks. Day treatment addiction and mental health groups are all Evidence Based, and facilitated by qualified professionals.

An important benefit of our day treatment program is clients will attend De Paul’s Alternative School, which helps with credit recovery, GED prep, and healthy classroom advocacy for those students returning to traditional high schools. The school offers individualized educational opportunities for every student.  In addition to the core classes offered, we work closely with the Portland Public School District to ensure that every student has access to the courses and curriculum required for a high school diploma.  Classes are structured to empower students in a way that supports their recovery and academic goals.  Credits from our fully accredited high school can transfer to any high school program and our standards-aligned proficiency-based assessment system is designed specifically to smooth transitions into longer-term placements as well as traditional high schools. Small class sizes allow students to receive the support and guidance they need to be successful and our teachers are trained to respond skillfully and empathetically to even the most resistant learners. All of our students benefit from our student-centered, strengths and compassionate educational program.

Lastly, addiction impacts the whole family and De Paul recognizes the importance of including the family in the addiction treatment process.  Clients enrolled in day treatment program will receive a family therapist to provide support for the entire family.  Studies have shown that family involvement strengthens the relationships within the family, improves treatment outcomes, and reduces the possibility of relapse.  In one comparison, clients engaged in the family program had a successful completion rate of 76% compared to 46% for those who did not have family members involved!

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