Youth Treatment Program

If you are concerned about your teenage son’s alcohol and drug use, De Paul Treatment Centers can help.

We have been assisting families and providing substance abuse treatment since 1985. At the De Paul Youth & Family Center, located in Northeast Portland, we provide a variety of programs and services for male-identified clients ages 13 to 17.

We will work with you to find the right substance use disorder treatment plan that fit the needs of your family and teen.

De Paul Youth Program

All treatment services at De Paul are evidence-based. Positive youth development is the cornerstone of our services. Positive youth development supports and encourages teenagers to engage and participate in their treatment, learn how to make informed decisions and to accept accountability for those decisions.

Family members

Family members are involved in all services at the De Paul Youth & Family Center. Our family counselors work as a team with you and your teen to ensure that you have the best possible resources to create the structure and support your teen will need in recovery.

Take the first step to rebuilding a healthy life for your family by reaching out to De Paul Treatment Centers.

For more information, call 503-535-1151 or email us.