For Families

Addiction is a family disease. Addiction doesn’t just impact one person; it creates a rippling impact on loved ones too. De Paul’s Family Therapy department offers support and recovery for families, friends, and loves ones of those enrolled in De Paul’s services.

De Paul Treatment Centers Family Therapy Team Provides

Family Therapy & Couples Therapy in conjunction with clinical groups that offer information and education about relationships, addiction, and the recovery process.
The Family Therapy department offers a variety of groups for clients enrolled in services, including:

Support Persons Group: This is a drop-in group for adult (18 years and older) family members, friends and loved ones of those impacted by substance abuse and have a loved one enrolled in services. Group emphasizes the importance of family involvement for success in recovery and focuses on each person’s role in the process. This group facilitates a total of 6 topics including family communication, family recovery, setting healthy boundaries, protective behaviors, addiction in families and self-care.

Multi-Family Group: This group is a fee-for-service group that engages both the client and their loved ones. Group participants have an opportunity to increase family relapse prevention skills, increase insight on the disease model of addiction and a way for families to increase their sober supports. Topics include understanding addiction and co-occurring disorders, communication in recovery, asserting boundaries, identifying protective behaviors, increasing problem solving, the 5 love languages, identifying family roles, exploring trust and forgiveness, and relapse prevention.

Support Systems Class: The focus of this group is dedicated to serving as a psychoeducation class for residential clients that assists in increasing insight on healthy interpersonal effectiveness skills within support systems to increase relational wellness in recovery.

Parenting Group: This group aims to provide psychoeducation and support to parents in early recovery who are caring for children ages 0-18 years while enrolled in residential services. Group participants can learn and practice parenting skills and have access to child development information to support their growth as parents while validating the challenges of parenting in recovery.

Outpatient Healthy Relationships: This group assists with building healthy interpersonal skills and provides psychoeducation around the types of support that help increase long-term recovery and relational wellness. This group is offered to client’s that are enrolled in outpatient services.

Including the family in the addiction treatment process improves treatment outcomes, strengthens relationships within the family and reduces the possibility of relapse. In one comparison, clients engaged in the family program had a successful completion rate of 76% compared to 46% for those who did not have family members involved!

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