For Families

Are you worried about a loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol?

Do you feel out of control or hopeless?

We understand and we can offer support and resources, even if your loved one is not in treatment.

De Paul Treatment Centers’ Family Therapy Team provides:

  • Family therapy in conjunction with individual chemical dependency treatment
  • Information and education about the addiction and recovery process

Family therapy services are available to family, friends, and loved ones of those suffering with a substance use disorder.

Family Therapy Services include:

  • Support Persons Group
  • Multi-Family Group
  • Couples Counseling
  • Individual Sessions
  • Individual Family Therapy

Including the family in the addiction treatment process improves treatment outcomes, strengthens relationships within the family and reduces the possibility of relapse. In one comparison, clients engaged in the family program had a successful completion rate of 76% compared to 46% for those who did not have family members involved!

For more information about family therapy at De Paul Treatment Centers, please call 503-535-1151 or email us.