We have designed the Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) program at De Paul Treatment Centers to fit with the busy schedules of our participants.

Our counselors work with participants to ensure that the DUII program is relevant, useful, and interesting. Participants can complete their DUII program at De Paul’s downtown Portland or Hillsboro locations.

The DUII program consists of attending treatment groups (frequency varies for each participant) and monthly individual sessions, participating in random urine tests and weekly community support groups for 12 consecutive weeks. Read about the various group options for DUII program participants.

Oregon Administrative Rules require all persons sentenced with a DUII remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs (including prescription drugs that have not been prescribed to you) for at least a year following their court date and for at least the last 90 days in a treatment program. Additionally, while enrolled in treatment, the law requires a minimum of one random urine screen per month.

De Paul’s DUII program fees are based on a sliding fee scale. We are committed to affordable rates that support our mission to make treatment accessible to all. We accept most insurance plans. Learn more about our treatment payment options.

For participants who have successfully completed De Paul’s residential program, we offer a DUII program that takes your residential participation into account, counting up to 30 days of treatment towards the 12 week minimum. Find out more about our Combined DUII program.

More questions? Go to De Paul’s DUII FAQ.

Getting Started

Participants in the DUII program who have a DUII in the State of Oregon need a DUII evaluation from an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Specialist (ADES) in the county of arrest. Normally the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Specialist (ADES) faxes the referral for treatment to us within two days of the ADES evaluation. ADES allows 30 days for participants to enroll in treatment from the date of their evaluations. When we receive the referral from ADES we will send you a Welcome Letter with information about getting started in our program. You do not have to wait for the welcome letter to schedule an assessment appointment at De Paul. Call 503-535-1151 to schedule an appointment at our downtown Portland location or Hillsboro locations.

If you received a DUII outside of Oregon, we will need a copy of your court paperwork with an outline of your requirements and your DMV driving record. We will work closely with state and other local authorities to ensure that your needs are met as well as the requirement of your state and the DUII charge.