Adult Treatment Programs at De Paul

Hope starts here.

At De Paul Treatment Centers, we understand that every person is unique. We do not subscribe to a one size fits all treatment philosophy. Instead, we let our clients tell us what they need to get and stay clean.

A professional counselor assesses each client to ensure that treatment is provided at the level of care that is appropriate for their circumstances.

The adult treatment programs offered at De Paul

As of February 1, 2020, De Paul is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking cessation services and adjunctive therapy through prescription of Nicotine Replacement Therapy will be available based on an individual’s needs.

All programs at De Paul use evidence-based curriculums that incorporate techniques and principles proven to be effective for people suffering with chemical dependency.

Group Program Descriptions

De Paul is closely connected to the local 12 Step community and hosts meetings at all locations throughout the week. While 12 Step is not the foundation of De Paul’s curriculums, we encourage clients to participate in meetings and to find a sponsor and home group. Smart Recovery groups also meet at De Paul Treatment Centers’ downtown Portland and Hillsboro locations. Links to more information about 12 Step groups and Smart Recovery can be found on our Resources page.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is strongly encouraged for all clients. Participation in family therapy has been proven to increase the likelihood of completing treatment and entering long-term recovery. Read more about De Paul’s Family Therapy Program.

Take the first step toward freedom from addiction by reaching out to De Paul Treatment Centers today, call 503-535-1151 or email us.