Support De Paul Treatment Centers

The funds you donate to De Paul Treatment Centers help men, women and youth struggling with chemical dependency break the cycle of addiction. Your investment in De Paul makes a meaningful, measurable difference in the lives of many and to the overall health of our community.

Nearly 90% of the charitable contributions De Paul receives go directly to providing services to people who need them. This enables our clients to begin to lead new, healthy, positive lives in recovery from addiction.

Approximately a quarter of our adult clients are homeless before they enter treatment and 85% of our total clientele are low-income.

Substance abuse costs Oregonians $6 billion a year. Yet every $1 invested in treatment saves $12 in community costs including health care, social services, and public safety. Effective treatment makes our community safer, stronger, and healthier.

Despite the important benefits of alcohol and drug treatment to our community, only 1 person in 10 who needs treatment actually receives it.  There is much work to be done and your involvement will make a difference.

Donate Now

There are many ways you can support De Paul Treatment Centers

  • Cash – Cash is the most common way of giving, because it’s so simple. If you itemize, a gift of cash to De Paul Treatment Centers can be deducted up to 50% of adjusted gross income. Click here to make a donation online right now.
  • Honorarium and memorial gifts – You can make a gift in honor of a friend, client, family member, or even a special event in someone’s life, like a birthday, wedding or anniversary. How about celebrating sobriety anniversaries with a gift to De Paul Treatment Centers? You can also make a gift in memory of a friend or family member.
  • Appreciated stocks, bonds, life insurance, and real estate – When you give long-term appreciated assets, you receive a double income tax benefit: deducting the present full market value of your give and avoiding capital gains tax on the assets appreciated. Click here to download the De Paul Securities Transfer Form with instructions about how to give.
  • Make a direct charitable contribution from your IRA – A recent tax law extension permanently allows tax-free annual IRA distributions that are given directly to charity. Click here to learn more.
  • In-kind donations – Take a look around the house and you’re sure to find many ways to help others including, new and gently used clothing, holiday gifts for clients. Gift certificates make great gifts too.
  • Vehicle Donation – Don’t overlook a vehicle like a car, boat, or RV. It’s a convenient 100% tax deductible gift. Click here to donate a vehicle to De Paul.
  • Planned gifts – These gifts can provide tax savings to you and your heirs and also benefit De Paul Treatment Centers. Planned or deferred gifts can provide you and your heirs with economic or tax benefits while enabling you to support your favorite charities. Planned giving also enables people to make larger contributions that might otherwise not be possible because gifts can be based on the value of accumulated assets rather than a portion of their current income. If you have already included De Paul in your will or living trust, we would like to recognize you. Please contact Laura van der Veer at