Can you tell me more about what to expect in residential treatment?

Clients spend 20 plus hours in residential and outpatient treatment groups and classes each week. Each client is assigned his/her own counselor who meets with him/her for one on one therapy sessions during the week. In addition, each client is assigned a “Core Group”. The Core Groups are intimate (8 to 10 clients) groups that are facilitated by a counselor and meet twice a week to allow clients to process with one another by hearing from peers who are suffering from the disease of addiction and learning how to gain support from others who are in recovery.

Clients receive 3-5 hours of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) classes each week. DBT is especially good for people who suffer from the disease of addiction because it helps with out-of-control emotions and destructive behaviors common in people with substance use disorders. In addition to the 3-5 hours of classes, clients receive coaching on their personal use of the DBT skills from the treatment staff while they are living in the therapeutic community.

Through the residential program, clients learn about their relapse patterns; pain management; how to identify and change the behaviors that have caused their substance abuse disorder; meditation practices; and 12-Step support groups. Clients experience the therapeutic community of recovery while in residential treatment.