Family Services FAQs

  • Who should come to counseling?

    Anyone that is considered support, i.e., partners, friends, parents, siblings. Clients enrolled in services who are interested in engaging in family therapy will be referred to the family therapy department by their addiction counselor. They will complete a family therapy intake to consult about their interest in engaging in family services.

  • How soon can I be seen?

    When you call to make the first appointment, we will strive to get you in as fast as possible. Call 503-535-1151 to make an appointment.

  • What will Family Services look like?

    Our family services are individualized for each family and based on clients and their loved ones’ needs.

  • How much will this cost? Is it covered by insurance?

    We accept a variety of insurance plans. Our team of knowledgeable client services specialists will be available to discuss and help determine the cost of services.

  • How is “Family” defined at De Paul?

    “Family” is defined in many different ways. At De Paul, we accept that anyone who has significance in your life may be thought of as part of your family. Family therapy at DePaul

    Treatment Centers is designed to help by:

    1. increasing understanding of how chemical dependency is impacting both the substance user and his/her concerned significant others
    2. using strengths and resources to help all involved find and/or develop healthier, more satisfying ways to cope with the addictive behaviors of significant others.

    Your therapist views the family as a whole as the client. You and your counselor will discuss specific goals in relation to how you can create balance between individual and family needs.

    This will include creating family guidelines as a ground floor, on which all family members can stand and understand what is expected of them.