• How do I get started?

    Getting started is easy, just call De Paul’s Treatment Center Access team at (503) 535-1151 to schedule an appointment at either of our convenient locations.

  • What are the requiremnts for successful completion?

    It is important to remember that the program begins with an assessment and treatment plan developed around the needs identified in the initial assessment. Substantial progress on the treatment plan goals must be made before the counselor can successfully complete a client. This requirement exists apart from the following minimum requirements for most Oregon DUIIs:

    • Complete a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks of group sessions.
    • Complete 12 hours of alcohol and drug education groups.
    • Complete a minimum of 1 individual counseling sessions per month.
    • Conclude your program with at least 90 days of clean urine test.
    • Supply proof of attendance at a minimum of 12 community support groups.
    • Have a referral sent from the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Services Specialist (ADSS) in the county where the DUII took place.
    • Pay any service fees in full.
  • Can I do my DUII Program at De Paul if my DUII was out of state?

    Yes, De Paul can help you satisfy the treatment requirements of your DUII no matter which state it occurred in. It will be your responsibility to provide any paperwork you have detailing the treatment requirements of the other jurisdiction, as well as contact information for the individual or agency that your progress reports will need to go to. For states that give broad discretion, De Paul will apply the Oregon state DUII requirements.

    We have two primary locations where DUII and outpatient services are available, Downtown Portland and Hillsboro, OR. Call (503) 535-1151 to schedule an appointment.

  • Does De Paul offer all Levels of Care (DUII, DUII education only, outpatient, residential and detox)?

    Yes, De Paul offers DUII treatment, DUII Information Only, Level I Outpatient treatment (one to three times a week), Residential treatment and Detox. De Paul Treatment Centers offers additional services provided by our master’s level counselors who can also address mental health issues. Evidence shows that participation in treatment services with family or other support persons can dramatically improve success rates. De Paul offers an array of family services for clients and their identified support persons.

  • Do I have to do drug tests during the Program?

    Yes, random alcohol and drug urine test are a required part of all state-approved DUII programs. You will be periodically tested for the duration of your treatment program, and all test conducted in the final 90+days of your program must be negative (i.e., clean) in order to successfully complete.

    It will be your responsibility to provide documentation for any prescription medications that could result in a positive urine test result.

  • How long does the DUII Program take?

    The exact length of time depends upon a number of factors, including; the client’s clinical needs as identified during the initial assessment, attendance, progress made toward the goals outlined in their treatment plan, and their providing clean urine test. Additionally, there are state-mandated minimum requirements that must be met, anywhere from 12-24 weeks is typical. By fully engaging, not missing appointments or required urine test, and working steadily on treatment plan goals, a client can favorably influence the program length.

  • How much does the DUII Program cost?

    To complete the program successfully, the law requires payment in full by the last service attended. When we do not receive payment in full, De Paul reserves the right to deny completion and to withhold completion certificates.