Creating Freedom Video Series – Meredith Meacham

Watch Meredith Meacham, our Operations Administrative Specialist, share her incredible journey to recovery. Meredith’s story is just one of many that prove that with hope and hard work, recovery is possible.

My Name is Meredith, I am an operations administrative specialist here at De Paul I’ve worked here since November of 2013.

I started using meth when I was 19. I had a 3 year old daughter at the time and up until then I was a wonderful mother, as much of a wonderful mother as I could be being teenager. When I started using meth everything fell apart.

I used for about 12 years. At the end of my journey through my disease, I had gone to prison, I had no relationship with my family, and I hadn’t seen my daughter in 7 years. In prison I was introduced to Narcotics Anonymous. I went through treatment and it was amazing because it was the first time in my life that somebody allowed me to sit down for six months and look at myself.

When I had a year and a half clean my daughter found me on Facebook. She was 15, she is 18 now and we have a really good relationship. She’s an impossible teenager, but she is doing really good, she is starting college. I just hope that someday we can be best friends the way I am best friends with my mom now.

When I got out, I started doing NA. I threw myself in. I got a sponsor, I started working the steps. Eventually I decided I’m going to go to school. I saw all the other women in front of me going to school. I didn’t know what to do with myself, I had no work skills. So I started going to college. I now work in administration and it is perfect for me. I thought I wanted to save the world, that I wanted to be up on stage, community organizing. But it turns out that I am super good at these projects, supporting the counselors; I record services, I close charts, I answer phones and I’m really good at it, and I know that I am supporting De Paul’s mission.

I am just grateful that De Paul gave me a chance, and I’m just grateful that I get to be a part of this. You know I never really thought that was possible, even after I was almost done with my bachelor’s degree, which I am now. The little voice in my head told me nobody was ever going to hire me, that I wasn’t going to be the one who was going to get out there helping people, I was never going to have a business card, because I’m just an addict.

I want people to know that recovery is possible. There’s help for any addict and any addict can stop using and find a new way of life. Anyone who’s ever looked past someone on the street, I want you to look at them and see a human being and know that by supporting De Paul you are supporting saving someone’s life who’s probably going to get clean and continue the journey by giving that back to the community because most of us do.