Client Recognition Ceremony

As part of De Paul’s new Outpatient phase’s program, we will hold a Client Recognition Ceremony to celebrate the growth and progress of clients each month. The ceremony allows counselors to recognize clients among their community of peers, staff, family and friends for their perseverance, positive attitudes and recovery milestones. Counselors and fellow clients share about the strengths and hard work they see, and the honorees are given a chance to reflect on their recovery.

Client Recognition

Outpatient Counselors Leading the first Client Recognition Ceremony

One client was acknowledged for his perseverance to continue treatment while going through personal hardship, and he shared with the group “I accept that I am not alone. I appreciate the mentors and the counselors. When I needed these skills the most, they paid off and I am still here.”

Staff and Alumni are invited to attend and share their recovery stories as inspiration for current clients.

If you are interested in participating, contact T. Bird at