Our Story

De Paul Treatment Centers is one of Oregon’s oldest and largest providers of residential and outpatient chemical dependency treatment for adults and youth. Our mission is to create freedom from addiction for individuals, families, and communities. Founded by the Portland Society of St. Vincent de Paul in 1974, De Paul became an independent, secular 501(c)3 nonprofit agency in 1977. More than 40,000 people have been served since De Paul’s inception. De Paul Treatment Centers uses proven and effective treatment strategies to fulfill its mission.

Initially, De Paul served only adult males. In 1984 we expanded our programs to work with women, and in 1985, De Paul opened the De Paul Youth & Family Center to provide treatment to adolescents aged 13 to 18.

De Paul was one of the first organizations in Oregon to use evidence-based practices to treat substance use disorders and treat co-occurring mental health disorders. In 2005, De Paul became one of the first agencies in the area to implement an electronic medical record.

Over 2,000 men, women, and youth participate in substance use disorder treatment each year through our three residential and outpatient treatment facilities in the Portland Metropolitan area- the De Paul adult center in downtown Portland, De Paul Youth & Family Center in NE Portland, and De Paul’s Hillsboro outpatient center. The downtown Portland facility and the Youth & Family Center also provide treatment for co-occurring mental health issues. Our clients are culturally diverse adults, youth and families with substance use disorders. We serve clients from across Oregon and the surrounding states, with most residing in the Portland Metropolitan area.