2020 Freedom Awards Honoree

Walter BaileySamuel C. Wheeler Freedom Award

Walter Bailey, PSSII, CADCI, QMHA, CRM

Walter Bailey was a football star at Benson High School and the University of Washington. He had dreams of a successful NFL career. After winning 2 Rosebowls and spliting the National Championship, Walter found himself in free fall from the top of his Football career to a crash landing into addiction to drugs and alcohol that left him with nothing.

Walter entered De Paul’s residential treatment program where he got help that changed his life forever.

Over the last 10 years, Walter has built a wonderful life in recovery and has dedicated his career to supporting others. Walter began his career in the recovery community at De Paul as a residential and addictions counselor. He later moved onto Central City Concern as a Peer Support Specialist II and A/D Counselor at the Imani Center.

Most recently Walter founded Dynamic Athlete Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, culturally-responsive educational platform focused on athletes addressing mental health, substance use and diversity.

After conquering all the mental health challenges that led him to his rock bottom, Walter has made his life’s purpose to help athletes and their networks find the resources and support to navigate the many barriers they face towards mental wellness.

Read more about Walter in the Seattle Times.

The Samuel C. Wheeler Freedom Award is an honor given to those who help battle the stigma of addiction by sharing their story of recovery and giving back to the community in meaningful ways.

2020 Virtual Freedom Awards 
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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