2018 Board of Directors’ Annual Meeting

In June, the De Paul community came together for a celebration of the past year’s accomplishments. One of the highlights of the evening was recognizing community partners and donors who make our services possible.

This year De Paul recognized CareOregon for providing exceptional care coordination, problem-solving and conflict resolution for their CareOregon members. De Paul is a participating provider in CareOregon’s Health Resilience Program, and continually sees the positive impact of this program for individuals with high medical and mental health needs in the community. We also recognized Impact NW for their support services and rent assistance they provide for our clients. We also recognized donors whose generous financial support helps thousands of youth, adults and families access treatment.

We are so grateful for this incredible community of partners, donors, alumni, staff, and friends. From all of us at De Paul, thank you to everyone who helped support our services this year! Together, we have changed the lives of over 2,000 individuals and their families. This is an accomplishment we can all be proud of.