2016 Freedom Awards Honorees

We are excited to announce that the 17th Annual Freedom Luncheon will introduce two new awards to recognize the people and organizations that make recovery possible in our community. These new awards, in addition to the Samuel C. Wheeler Freedom Award, will bring together a diverse audience to talk about addiction and support De Paul’s youth treatment programs for teens with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

MMSamuel C. Wheeler Freedom Award
Mary Monnat, LifeWorks NW

Mary Monnat began her career as a volunteer at De Paul Treatment Centers. Her compassion for people struggling with addiction came in part from the challenges she faced in her own family growing up. In fact, drinking heavily herself in high school and college, Mary soon recognized her own symptoms of alcoholism – and enrolled herself in a local treatment program. Thriving in recovery, Mary was inspired to earn her Masters degree so she could give back to others the same kind of help she successfully sought. In 1983 Mary joined LifeWorks NW as a chemical dependency and mental health therapist and over the years moved through various management positions before becoming President/CEO in 1998.

JBMTCourage Award
Baker Family and Friends, Josh Baker Memorial Tournament

When the Baker Family lost Josh to addiction they didn’t want his memory to be defined by his disease. In 2014, the family joined efforts to honor his charisma, community involvement, and athleticism with the Josh Baker Memorial Tournament. This annual foot golf tournament celebrates Josh Baker’s life—remembering and relating the full depth of his character, experience, strength, and struggles. Through the JBMT, the Baker Family creates opportunities for community engagement, cultivates partnerships with diverse organizations, and continues to fight the stigma and stereotypes of addiction.


Justice Award
Judge Amy Holmes Hehn, Multnomah County Circuit Court

The Honorable Amy Holmes Hehn is a Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge handling family law cases, domestic violence cases, probate and juvenile matters. A native Oregonian, Judge Holmes Hehn served for 25 years as a Deputy District Attorney for Multnomah County before she was appointed to the bench in 2013. Both as a Deputy DA and as a Judge, Judge Holmes Hehn has demonstrated a commitment to alternatives to incarceration for youths in the juvenile justice system, including youths with chemical dependency issues. Her developmental approach to juvenile justice improves Multnomah County youth access to, and success in and after, chemical dependency treatment.

17th Annual Freedom Awards Luncheon
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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