11 Sober Summer Activities in Portland





Summer is upon us! Here are some of our favorite Portland activities that promote sobriety. Whether you are in recovery, or you choose a substance free lifestyle, these activities will keep you busy and entertained!






1. Visit a Library

The library is more than just books, you also have access to movies, music, e-books, magazines, reading areas, computers, Wi-Fi and more. There are over 50 libraries in the Portland-Metro area! Many of those libraries host programs and events throughout the year, especially in the summer! Check out what’s going on at a library near you:






2. Go Fish

Why not go catch your own dinner? Fishing is also a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the outdoors. The Clackamas River is a recommended spot for summer steelhead. You can go on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website to find more postings of all the great fishing spots in the Northwest.






3. Join a Group

Joining teams and clubs are great ways to meet people with the same interests as you. There are sports teams, book clubs and social groups for almost anything. If you can’t find the right one for you, start your own! Sites like Meetup can help you find existing groups with your interests, or allow you to make your group known to others.






4. See a Movie

There are so many different venues and opportunities to watch movies this summer. Movies in the park, Drive in movies in Newberg, discounted movies and Flicks on the Bricks are just a few inexpensive and fun ways to enjoy new and old movies this summer.






5. Explore Local Parks and Trails

Portland is home to some beautiful parks and hiking trails. Have a picnic in Washington Park, or pack a day bag and hike Multnomah Falls. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!



Get involved with the community this summer by volunteering at a local charity or organization. There are so many ways you can lend a helping hand and share your strengths and interests with others. Willamette Week has a guide of volunteer opportunities in Portland.






7. Join a Gym

Exercise has many physical and physiological benefits. Going to the gym provides a healthy hobby to occupy your time, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. There are so many options for gyms and they make daily exercise convenient for most any lifestyle. Here is a list of gyms in the Portland area.






8. Enroll in a class

Whether you want to go back to school or learn a new skill, there are endless classes available in all subjects. Sign up for evening classes after work to increase your knowledge, or a weekend cooking class to add some new recipes to your dinner menu. You can find classes at Colleges, stores, libraries, community centers and more.






9. Garden

Truly enjoy the fruits of your labor by working in the garden this summer. Whether in your own backyard garden or a community garden, soak up some sunshine, get a bit of exercise and have wonderful home grown produce. Our own adult residential program is getting their annual garden ready and planted!






10. Camping

Summer in the Northwest is the perfect time to go camping. The Oregon coast is home to many great campgrounds with access to bike paths, hiking trails and the beach. NA and AA groups host camp outs throughout the summer so you will be sure to have a fun and substance free weekend.





11. Visit a Local Outdoor Market

Farmers Markets are not just for Saturday’s anymore, you can find markets throughout the Portland area most days of the week. Check out a Farmer’s Market near you for produce, baked goods, crafts, food and possibly some live music: